Link QuickPlan with your Box cloud storage, and store the project files in the "QuickPlan" folder of your Box(QuickPlan will not access any other folders). Projects can be uploaded to the Box and be downloaded from the box, operating directly inner QuickPlan.

The first time when sharing project via Box, you will be asked to link QuickPlan with your Box.

Upload project file to Box inner QuickPlan directly

  • QuickPlan will ask to link with Box when accessing at the first time
  • Specify the project file name
  • Project file will be uploaded to "QuickPlan" folder of your Box. (uploading may take seconds to minutes, up to the network situation)

Import project from Box innner QuickPlan directly

  • In Home View, tap the "Import from Box" menu
  • Select files from the project file list, then tap "Import..." button.

Sharing via Box iOS App

  • Export project as .qpp file
  • Tap "Open In" activity
  • If Box iOS app installed on the device, you can find the menu "Copy to Box" then.
  • To import project from Box app directly - Open Box app and navigate to a .qpp file, then select and "Copy to QuickPlan" to import as a new project in QuickPlan.