Most of the time, we are used to printing a document onto a sheet of paper and think that it is natural to do so, but we do not expect to print an entire book onto a sheet of paper because we know that the contents of a book are much larger than an ordinary sheet of paper can hold, and even if we try to narrow down the contents, the results are not clear.

The project plan generated using QuickPlan may include many tasks, or the project duration is very long. In this case, the project output corresponds to a much larger size than a piece of paper can accommodate. Theoretically we can scale its output to a very small image, but because the printer's accuracy (DPI) is also limited, it is not possible to zoom out the content without limitations and ensure that the output is clear. In the case of a large natural size, the computer has no way to make it on a small pater with clear content, even for a human, most of the case, it's not possible

The app has no way to over the hardware limitation, to zoom the content and fit it in one paper with clear content. When need to print a project with large content size, we’d like to suggest to export as PDF file in one page, by selecting the “Auto” PDF page size option.


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