QuickPlan supports to customize the title and visibility of the task fields

  • Tap the header of a task column on outline view to edit the title of the tapped task field
  • Long-press on any task header on the outline view to set the visibility of all the task fields

Task Fields

  • No
    • Sequence No - the task sequence number in the whole task list, start from 1
    • WBS No - the task WBS number, in the format like "1.2.1"
  • Name
  • Start
  • Finish
  • Duration
    • Count of all the days from start to finish - by default, the title of this field is "Duration"
    • Count of all the working-days from start to finish - by default, the title of this field is "Days"
  • % Complete - The definition in MS Project
  • Target % Complete - This column is calculated by QuickPlan, to shown the target % complete rate by the end of yesterday (the tobe % Complete based on schedule).
  • Resources - Task resource assignment
  • Work - Input manually, or calculated by the task duration and assigned resources ( = Working-Days * Daily-Working-Hours * Daily-Assigned-Resource). Task work is not same as task duration, for example, a task duration may be one day, but the work may be one hour
  • Physical % Complete - The definition in MS Project
  • Contact - Specify who is the task owner or contactor for review and status update if needed (not the task resource)
  • Labor Cost - Input manually, or calculated automatically by the app (= Sum of cost of each resource(Work * Resource_Cost_Rate) )
  • Materials Cost - Input manually.
  • Total Cost - Automatically calculated = Labor Cost + Materials Cost
  • Predecessor - To list all the the WBS No of linked predecessors
  • Successor - To list all the WBS No of linked successors
  • Icon - To specify the task status, QuickPlan does not define the usage of the icons - it's up to the users to define the meaning of each icon.