Team collaboration via iCloud Drive

Below the video demonstrates how a small team works together on a project plan via the iCloud Drive:

  • The methods of sharing a file with other users via iCloud Drive may be different on different versions and different platforms.
  • This video does not demonstrate all the possible workflows. We can share a file from a Mac; we can also share a file from the iPad - the operations are similar.
  • Suppose you share a project file with another team member with write permission. In that case, it's better to back up the project file on the iCloud Drive to another folder. As your team member may change the file incorrectly and the iCloud system automatically syncs the modified file to your devices without notification.
  • iCloud Drive is similar to a shared network folder. Please avoid opening the same project file simultaneously on multiple devices. It's better to grant one user writing permission only.


When writing this article, the iOS Files app is not as stable as expected. There are some problems with permission control. If you need to collaborate with the team by using QuickPlan on an iPad:

  • Share the file directly - please do not sharing a project file via a folder with your team members if you need to grant some members read-only permission.
  • Use iCloud Drive - please do not share via other third-party cloud storage. There are some severe bugs on permission control (it may be caused by the iOS Files app or the third-party cloud storage). We are waiting for the fixes.

Are you sure what you want is team collaboration?