QuickPlan organizes tasks in task groups and sub-projects. The date, work, cost of task groups and the subproject tasks are calculated automatically based on the data of their children.

Task Group

The task groups in QuickPlan are REAL. A task group displays in a group box on the Gantt chart, and we can move the group and its children simultaneously to change the task's date.

Two keyboard shortcuts to change the outline level (to organize tasks in groups)

  • ⌘ ← ("Command" + "Left Arrow"), and ⌘ [ ("Command" + "]") to outdent task
  • ⌘ → ("Command" + "Right Arrow"), and ⌘ [ ("Command" + "[") to indent task


A well-organized project plan facilitates team communication, tracking, and replanning. The subproject is a great feature to structure the project well, especially if you are working on a large project or if you are working with multiple subteams for one project. Sometimes it is better to organize several different small projects as subprojects in one main project, for example when planning personal projects.

1. Create a Subproject

Right-click a task, and to select the menu to convert the task as a sub-project

2. Convert a Subproject to a Task Group

A subproject can be convert to a task group (if the converting will not impact the maximun outline levels of the main project)

  • Right-click a subproject task, and select the menu to convert sub-project as a task group
  • We can also operate on the updating panel

3. Open a Subproject

  • From context menu
  • Or the keyboard shortcut "Command + Return" to open selected subproject.
  • Or "Command" key + "Mouse Double-click" on the sub-project task

Best Practice

We have an best practice article about how to organize the tasks well.