QuickPlan provides strong customization functionality, to help customize the user interface for the business needs, with more options cover the outline, chart, timeline display and functions

We strongly suggest to try all the options using QuickPlan, to understand how the customizations works for your project when needed

[version 1.3 update] Project bindow background option - Dark and Light styles

[version 2.0 update] Task bar title option to specify the title content, includes "task name", "resource", and "none" options.

[version 3.1 update] A new taskbar title option to show name and complete rate together.

[version 2.0 update] Task group display styles, to specify if need to show the backgroud color of the task group (only QuickPlan does this way), or the tranditional task group display style (like other Gantt apps).

[version 2.1 update] Option to change the text font size on the Gantt Chart. This option will only impact the display of the user interface (the font size option of the PDF exporting is separated).

[version 2.6 update] Additional date display formats.

[version 2.6] Option for the default date of new task - By default, a new task will be laid out next to the previous task. A new option in the app preference is provided to specify if to keep the date of the new task be same as the previous task.