• Click a taskbar to select
  • Doublle-click the empty space in a row to select the task on the row

    Skill: After a task be selected, QuickPlan will scroll the Gantt Chart to make the selected taskbar. So we can avoid to scroll Gantt Chart horizontally by long distance to make a task be visible, we can just select the task on Outline Panel or Double-click the empty space of the task row on Gantt Chart

  • ⌘ + Double-click (“Command” + “Double Mouse Click” on a task group) to collapse and expand

    Skill: There are some other ways to collapse / expand task group, such as keyboard-shortcuts, or to click on the triagle icon near the group taskbar. However this mouse gesture is more efficient

  • And the intuitive mouse gestures to change task date on Gantt Chart

  • Gesture ⌘ + Mouse Move-up / Move-down and Keyboard Shortcuts ⌘ + ↑/↓ to change task sequence