Quick Start - Create and Config Project

Create New Project Document

"QuickPlan for macOS" is a document-based app, a project is saved in a file with .qpp extension. The user-generated project files are saved in a directory specified by the user on the device on which the app is running, We (Mobilinked) has no a server to store the project files generated by the users.

Creating a new project is to create a new QuickPlan Project Document(with .qpp file extension) using "QuickPlan for macOS" app.

It's better to save the project file now, by shortcut "Command + S" or "Save" app menu. If we forget to save the new document, when closing the document or quitting the app, we would be asked to save or delete the unsaved document. After saved to a file, the changes to the opened project will be AUTOMATICALLY saved to the file.

Best Practices

1. QuickPlan will try to save the project content to a temporary file before we specify a file path to save it, and usually, QuickPlan can restore the project from the temporary file after macOS restarted. We still suggest saving the project immediately after created, to avoid losing work in the case of the macOS system crashes unexpectedly.

2. Project name and file name are separated – this leaves us be flexible to manage the project files. For example, we can save the same project in multiple files with the file name like “xxx project version 1.qpp” and “xxx project version 2.qpp”.

Config Project

Click the project name on the toolbar to config the project

Project Properties - General
  • Project Name – Project name and File name are separated
  • Color - The color of the project tile in the welcome window (on iOS devices, the tile color in the home view)
Project properties – Start Date

Change the start date of the whole project (then the start date of all the tasks in the project will be changed)

This feature is typically applied when you need to generate a new project from another existing project file (as a template). For example, to create a similar project as another project completed a year ago, we can create a new project by copying from the old project file, and then change the start date of the new project before task actions to adjust the tasks

For a new empty project, we don’t need to change the project start date.

Project properties – Project Calendar

Maintain project calendar to set the days as “working” days or “non-working” days.

Please just click on a day to switch it between “working” and “non-working” day.

Project properties – Project Resource

If more project members will be involved in the project, we need to maintain the project resource (project members).

"QuickPlan for macOS" supports to add project members by dragging from macOS contacts

Project properties – Task Link Behavior

Config how the task links will impact scheduling. Click to learn more.

Project properties – Date Policy

Config if need to skip non-working days when lay out the tasks. Click to learn more.

Best Practice

Managing multiple projects for a team? We can create a template for team projects to help to save time when creating a new project.

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