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Why aren't the 3 QuickPlan editions for sale in one bundle?

The total price of the QuickPlan apps is super affordable compared to similar apps. You will find that the total price of QuickPlan apps is less than 1/5 of similar apps (we mean the apps with acceptable quality level). And QuickPlan is the best.

There is no way to bundle macOS and iOS apps together at the time of writing, and separate iOS apps are better for users.

1. macOS and iOS App Stores are separate
  • Right now, there is no way to bundle apps from different operating systems.
  • And even if it is possible, bundling apps is only one option.
2. Separate iOS apps are a better choice for users

“QuickPlan for iPhone” is not a simple clone of “QuickPlan for iPad.” The user interface is optimized for the small screen size of the iPhone device - a pretty good design for efficient planning on the iPhone.

The two apps together are much cheaper than most of the same kind (we mean the apps with acceptable quality), and you know QuickPlan is the best. For QuickPlan, we decided to develop them as separate apps. As opposed to a unified app:

  • Users spend less if they have to use the app on one type of device.
  • Users pay the same if they have to use QuickPlan on the iPad and iPhone.
  • Better design for different devices depending on screen size. The two apps are similar, but the app menu and app navigation are optimized for each device.
  • Smaller app download size.
  • A unified app is one option; not all apps should be in one unified app.
3. QuickPlan apps are super cheap

If you compare the same type of apps (we mean the apps with acceptable quality), you know that the price of QuickPlan apps is super low. Moreover, compared to other apps of the same type with acceptable quality level or above, QuickPlan is the best and cheapest.

4. Issue

Although our choice is the better one for the user (pay less if you don’t need everything), some users may want to pay once and use the app on all platforms. We are considering combining them in the future if it is possible to bundle iOS and macOS apps together.

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